Thursday, 10 May 2018

Premise: Reflective Statement

When starting this project, I had no idea which direction I was going to go in, and the project seemed so huge and limitless. After generating and realising my concept of Arnold and Ella, with help from Alan, I think I have discovered how much I can do, and I feel like I have developed some strong skills in character design and environment design. Although I struggled for a while when I started developing my environments, I feel like I am definitely heading in the right direction. Setting my animation in the 80's was a strong design decision that I see going much further. 

I see more detail and coming into my designs, which is a complete progression from any of my previous work, and I am extremely pleased with my character designs for this project. If I had to re do the past two terms, I think I would have solidified my idea much earlier on in the project, as I felt I lost a few weeks that could have been used for development. Furthermore, I think I could have been more confident in my ability to design and create as this would have propelled my motivation and outcomes. I am very pleased with my head model for Arnold though. Even though there are still a few final tweeks to add, it has shown me that I really do have developed skills within Maya.

As for the future, I am excited to develop my storyboard into something much more slick, finalised and sophisticated. I am also excited to bring in and design a new bodybuilder character into my story, as well as start modelling the head and body for both him and Arnold. During the summer, I would also like to rig and skin my characters ready to begin year 3 with a head start. 

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