Friday, 23 March 2018

Toolkit 2: Progress Report - 23/03/18

Head Modelling:

Body Modelling:

UV Layout:

Lighting and Rendering 2:

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  1. Character Design Feedback

    It has been great to see these characters develop over the course of the project. I think your designs have humour and charm and you have really captured the spirit of a Las Vegas circus, reinforced by the graphic design. Anthropomorphic characters are not always easy to articulate, so I think you have done very well bringing them to life. I feel they may be a little generic, however, so perhaps further development could be done (a more theatrical and unique costume, props, hairstyle etc).

    I think your environments, although somewhat basic, do have a lot of atmosphere. The bright lights, staging and vibrant coloured sets really encapsulate the mood and setting. Your storyboards are clear, readable and extensive, and I think really communicate the unfolding drama. It may be worth fleshing out one or two more shots for the animation layout to create a sense of movement and flow.

    Overall then, I think you have produced very believable characters with a complex but well illustrated narrative. I still think its in your interests to revisit these characters and environments at some point, to add a little more polish and originality. - JW