Monday, 22 January 2018

Premise: Idea Development

So after some discussion with Alan about my idea, it has been decided to go with the narrative of losing a pet and how that feels. The feeling is relateable to a huge percentage of the audience and therefore has a good amount of emotional depth. Furthermore, there is a lot of storytelling around the subject based around growing up with the pet and the different relationships you have with it when you hit different ages. The narrative will be partly based on the experience I had growing up with my own cat. 

My cat was deaf, so I thought it might be quite interesting to tell part of the story through the eyes of the cat with no sound, or a ringing sound. This could either be used in a comedic or emotional way throughout the narrative. Due to the deafness, she was also an indoor cat, which resulted in her practically being a kitten forever and loved human interaction.

Current Influences:


In terms of style, I would like my animation to be based on the caricature, with exaggerated features and personalities. I think this would aid with the visuals and the ability for storytelling. 

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