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Review: ''The Interview'' - Comedy

Figure 1 - The Interview (2014)

The Interview is an Action/Comedy directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg in 2014. The film features actors James Franco and Seth Rogan who are both journalists, and they have set up an interview with Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader. After this, they get hired by the CIA and are ordered to assassinate him. They then head to North Korea and end up having a great time partying with Kim Jong-Un, leading to them finding it difficult to kill him. 

The film features general comedy whilst also bringing in some very dark humour. The film can also be classified as satirical and juvenile due to its childish play and its mocking of society and this comes from the play on serious current events happening in the world. A lot of people found the film quite controversial, and North Korea threatened to act against the USA if the film ever got released. In November 2014, a hacker group names GOP (Guardians of Peace) stole and released data from Sony Pictures, who were releasing the film. This information included personal information that belonged to employees and salaries. They demanded that Sony Pictures pull The Interview and threatened to carry out a terrorist attack at the film screening. This ultimately changed peoples perception of the film overall, and without this, the film would have most definitely received a very different reaction. The film eventually got released and grossed $40 million from digital rentals and $11.3 million in the box office.

Figure 2 - The Interview (2014)

The juvenile comedy can be found in the 'haters gonna hate' scene when they discover the reactions from people about their interview with Kim Jong-Un. The scene can be broken down into a non-stop series of childish jokes. Firstly, with Franco stating ''He's motherfucking peanut butter and jealous''  followed by ''They hate us cos they aint us'' which Rogan mishears him and says ''They hate us cos they anus?''. Rogan then goes on to say ''No, they hate us cos we is us and what we are doing is fucking terrible.''. Franco then repeatedly says ''They hate us cos they aint us'' which then results into Rogan getting angry. Franco then forces a pill into Rogan's mouth and pulls a face as if he was feeding a baby. Both Franco and Rogan then proceed to have a massive party leading to a shot of Rogan passed out on a chair surrounded by rubbish. The CIA knock on their door leading to Franco stating ''ugh whoever that is tell them to fuck off...'' and then continues to talk about his sexual experiences whilst the CIA are still at the door. 

The comedy works due to the performances of both Rogan and Franco, as the comedy bounces off of each other. The childish humour also works with the general satirical aura of the film, along with the general content of the film itself. The artwork for the film includes a lot of Korean artwork and culture, which to the western world is considered appealing to the younger generation. 

Figure 3 - The Interview (2014)

Comedy is personal to everybody, and everyone enjoys different types of comedy. The reasons I find The Interview funny is because I generally enjoy childish humour, and I also have quite a dark sense of humour. I also enjoy the eccentric nature of the entire film, along with the aesthetic and content. Although the film caused quite the controversy when it was first released, the film has generated a positive a light attitude towards something quite dark and pressing on the current society of today.


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  1. Hi Polly, I'm not sure you can talk about this film without commenting on the Sony hack by North Korea (allegedly). It changed the fortunes of this film and brought about the collapse of jobs and other film projects. Ultimately it made people rethink the comedy. I'm not suggesting you go into depth about that but it is worth a paragraph instead of a brief mention.