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Review: 'Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat' - Adaptation

''Live Die Repeat'' was directed in 2014 by Doug Liman and it is an adaptation of the novel 'All You Need Is Kill'' written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka in 2004. The film follows Major William Cage (played by Tom Cruise) who is forced into battle with no combat training. The plot is set in the future in which aliens have invaded earth, and although Cage gets killed during battle, he finds himself in a constant loop of regeneration in which he meets Rita Vrataski, (played by Emily Blunt) a special forces warrior, and has to find a way of defeating the aliens, much like that of a video game. 

Film adaptations are usually taken from a book or a novel. It takes the main slices of the story and makes them visual. Films such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Dracula are all also adaptations, and Harry Potter was being adapted as the books were being written. There is no limit as to how many times a film can be adapted, as Dracula has been adapted into film over 200 times. As there is always parts of the book that need to be left out, it can anger fans of the story if it is not done well. 

How was Live Die Repeat an adaptation of All You Need is Kill?
The plot of All You Need is Kill follows a character named Keiji Kiriya, a new special forces recruit, much like in Live Die Repeat. Both plots are also losing the fight against the alien 'mimics' even though they have developed strong equipped exoskeletons. Furthermore, in both, the main character kills an unusual mimic, leading to them being able to wake up and restart the day and throughout both, they gain better battle skills and knowledge for the next time. 

The adaptation of All You Need is Kill was successful in many ways. It kept the key details of the plot and brought the story to life in a new way. The novel was originally illustrated too (by Takeshi Obata), giving key indications as to what the mimics should look like, along with the exoskeletons and the main character himself. 

The plot is very much like the regeneration of a video game. Within a video game, you get an unlimited amount of tries at a level until you complete it just like the way Cage keeps regenerating after he dies. Furthermore, towards the end of a level you encounter a boss battle, much the like the battle at the end of the film where Cage has to destroy the controller of all of the mimics in Paris. In video games you have the ability to upgrade your character, making them stronger either by the use of weaponry, skill sets or body upgrades, very much like the exoskeleton featured within the plot. Finally, throughout the film, you see Rita's training ground, which is set up very much like a training level within a video game. 

Overall, the film is a great example of an adapted plot that has been made into a film. It keeps the key features, has extremely similar visuals, and closes up the story line without leaving the audience waiting for more.


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