Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Soundscape: Reflective Statement

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project as it has allowed me to get away from the screen and go out and find my own unique sounds. I have really enjoyed learning how to use Audition and how to manipulate sounds so get the sound I want. 
I was very happy with my 3 randomly selected images. I think they allowed me to be quite experimental with my sounds and they were all very different, so I was able to create a diverse range of soundscapes. 
I think my soundscapes have been quite successful and I think I have created soundscapes that fit the images very well. I also think I scheduled my time out really well, allowing me to spend more time in the editing stage, rather than still collecting sounds at the later stages of the project. I ended up collecting almost 50-70 sounds, and even though I did not use them all, it gave me the opportunity to try out new things and be experimental with my soundscapes. 

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