Wednesday, 25 January 2017

@Phil: From Script to Screen - Story Idea Updated

Location: Victorian London

ACT 1:
The brain surgeon uses his joke shop as a premise to lure children into his lab, where he collects brains to create an elixir of youth. We are presented with a scene where a brain has a drip coming out of it, straight into his arm. We see his grey hair turning back brown and the wrinkles disappearing from his face. The brain surgeon looks at himself in the mirror, pleased with his perfect look, that he is keen to keep forever. 

It then pans to his cage of children that he has collected for his elixir. We see them lined up, chained up, and waiting to see if it is them next. 

We see a montage of clips of children entering the shop, and missing posters across town. (Or possibly in act 2?)

ACT 2:
A boy enters the joke shop, the brain surgeon is sat there waiting for his arrival. He leads the boy to the masks where he invites him to try one on, but then dropping him down the trap door into his cage of children below. 

A few days pass, the boy has watched other children from the cage be drained of their brains and coming up with a plan of getting free. He notices a bar has a crack in it, in which he pushes, resulting in it snapping, leaving room for him to get through. 

ACT 3:
The boy escapes the cage, he tells everyone else in the cage to run. They all run up the stairs into the joke shop, where they bump into the brain surgeon, they swerve past him, managing to get to the door and run outside. The boy, still in the lab, runs to the machine  and with the brain surgeon running down the stairs for his next fix, pulls out and destroys the wires, destroying the machine.

The brain surgeon has no time left. There is no point in capturing the boy again, there is not enough time to fix the machine before the ageing process occurs. The boy watches the surgeons hair turn grey, the wrinkles appear on his face. His hair begins to fall out, and the surgeon disintegrates into nothing, right before the boys eyes. 

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