Thursday, 12 January 2017

From Script to Screen: Current Ideas


  • Old Fashioned
  • Silent Movie 
  • Simplistic
  • Black and White?
  • Strong black frame around edges
  • Surgeon swaps his brain with a childs brain, resulting in him trying to reverse the effect. Trying to find his body again, he goes to places kids might be, eg the joke shop. He uses the mirror to discover himself in a childs body. He struggles to find his old body due to limits of being inside a childs body.

  • Kid has an accident resulting in him needing brain surgery. He ends up loosing all memory. Surgeon returns with a toy from the joke shop which helps bring back his memory. 

  • Mirror could be used as a use of self reflection? Surgeon struggles to do his job, goes to the joke shop to practice on a toy brain, or perhaps even a game of operation? 
Words: Brain Surgeon - Mirror - Joke Shop

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