Sunday, 9 June 2019

@Phil @Alan - Arnold and Ella // Updated Animation Progress

I have been improving my animation in places to make the characters and animation more believable. There are a couple of scenes that I have also worked on that are not currently in this edit (eg, arnold opening his locker).

Monday, 13 May 2019

Major Project // Reflective Statement

This project has been challenging from beginning to end, saying that, it has allowed me to develop my skills hugely over the past few months. When Arnold and Ella started to come to life after rigging and modelling, I was excited to start animating as soon as I could. I did find the animation difficult though, such as getting Ella to move like an actual cat, and for Arnold to move fluidly and smooth. Overall, I do think my animation could be refined a lot more, and I plan to keep working on it until I get it smooth and fluid.

In terms of modelling and rigging, I am pleased with how much I improved with both of these processes. I found the rigging very difficult at the beginning of this project, but after a while things started to make sense and come together. I am pleased with how my assets and sets look and especially with how my characters turned out.

Making an entire short film from start to finish was something I completely underestimated. It takes a huge amount of effort, planning and time to create such a big project. I believe I time managed myself relatively well across this project, but I do feel like I should have given more time to animation. I did spend more time on rigging than I wanted, as I came across a few issues across all three characters. If I was to re-do this project, I would put in place more time to accommodate for this.

In terms of my final film, I am happy that the film now reads successfully, (something it was lacking in my minor project). I am pleased I managed to submit a fully animated film along with voice acting and sound effects, and it really allowed me to see my film come to life! The film is not entirely what I wanted yet, but I am excited to develop it further.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this project, even when it has been really tough. It has taught me a huge amount and allowed me to develop my skills to a point of confidence. I am also glad I took advantage of the help from my tutors and peers, which helped me develop my film into something I couldn't have ever imagined making.

Major Project // Submission Post