Thursday, 14 February 2019

Major Project // The Rival - Flexible Mouth Rig 1,2,3 and Adding Teeth and Tongue

I have created the controls for The Rivals mouth, along with adding in the teeth and tongue to help with the judgement of lateral mouth movement. 

Major Project // The Rival - Head Skeleton, Head Binding and Weighting, Eye Look Rig and Flexible Mouth Rig 1

I have been working on the facial rig for the rival, and have added the head skeleton, bound the head, created head controls and an eye look rig. I have also begun the flexible mouth rig. 

Friday, 11 January 2019

Minor Project // Reflective Statement

It's no question that after the past few months, working on my minor project has really allowed me to develop my skills within Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop. I have really enjoyed being able to take my characters from paper into 3D and watch them slowly come to life, and overall I am really happy with how they came out.

Modelling my three characters has been a challenge but I am really proud of what I have achieved in them. I have also modelled a quadruped which is a completely new challenge to me in terms of geometry and modelling. The whole modelling process taught me a lot, and due to the challenges I had, the modelling took me a little longer than I had previously anticipated. That being said, I am glad I took the time to refine them instead of moving on before I was ready. I am also really happy that I managed to model some of my sets this term, as during the making of my pre-viz, I realised I needed a couple more such as exterior shots which I hadn't thought of previously. 

At the beginning of this term, I made the decision to work on my pre-viz and storyboard simultaneously as it allowed me to visualise it better and fit better within my way of working. Doing them together allowed me to see the shots from more than one perspective and notice issues better. I know that one of my weaknesses comes within story boarding and shot making, so doing this allowed me to develop. In terms of my previs and current story progression, I am much happier with it than I was at the end of year two, but I still see lots of things that I want to change and develop over the next few weeks to make the film read and look better. If I was to start the pre-viz process again, I would have definitely worked on the pre-viz more, and took some of the time out of the other things I was prioritising over it. 

Overall, I think my workflow over the past few months has been pretty balanced and I am really happy with the progress I have made. There are a few things that have not been ticked off of my submission list that I made in October, which I would have started much earlier if I was to start again. In terms of the work schedule I made, I stuck to it pretty well, which allowed me to keep everything on track when I had lots of things to complete at once, and I definitely want to take the process I used to work on my minor project, onto my major project. 

I also have been in contact with Jeffrey Wang about the composition for my piece, which he is currently working on.

Minor Project // Submission Post - 11/01/19

A composition for my film is currently being made by Jeffrey Wang, but unfortunately he could not get an initial piece to me for this submission due to illness.


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Minor Project // The Rival - Body Rig